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Vroeger|Fire in the Sky

Yes this is in english.. (2019-09-29)

When I was a kid I was traveling between ermelo and Harderwijk on my bicyle on a very warm summer day and I found a tape that looked like the one belowe on the side of the road.



I was about 13 years old and picked it up to bring it home.

At home I cut the tape that was torn out and glued back together the rest.

I put it in to my tape deck (akai gs a5) See below (yes I still have it and yes it still works. Akai used to be one of the better brands out there. Way and way better than sony, panasonic, technics  and the likes) Did Samsung even exists at that time?

And I found this song..


The chorus was Fire in the sky.


I sang along. back in 1984. No one knew the song. I only had a bad version with lots of drop outs since the tape lay on the side of the road. who know's how long.

I just knew I like the sound a lot with no illusions I would even know who made it.

But lo and behold NAPSTER came into existance arround 1999 and WOw I found sooooo many tunes that were lost to me. Just by guessing lyrics. So THANK YOU  to NAPSTER I now know it is a song from deodat  called fire in the sky :) and I got to down load a high quality version after 19 years of being kept stupid by the ....

Now I can find this song on youtube. only the song no video.

But wow I think (and I am old so call me old and crazy) the way this song stays cool must be an omen. With a litle remixing it coul dbe a hit again!!!!


If the links do not work search for deodato fire in the sky on you tube.




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