Amiga HQ
This is the place where I work.

Once upon a time 3wis decided that we needed some terminals.

So here they are, from the coffee mashine to the other wall!

We can even use some of them (like monitoring outgoing calls) or we could start an Internet Cafe.

This is the "Internet Plein", located in the center of the building. This is a No Smoking area.

The 19" rack, only equiped with a HUB and a communications controller :-), This picture was taken a while ago, now it's stuffed with a lot of harware.

To the right of the rack, we see the Win Nt server.

Behind the monitor of the NT, we see a glimpse of the 3wis kitchen(s).

Here is an example how we use the terminals. It's funny to see how old hardware can still be used. You need more than one terminal of course but even 20 terminals are cheaper than one PC.

This is a Smoking area.

More will follow soon. (the next edition will feature the toilet!) But meanwhile you can try the faces page.