This server is powered by apache 1.0.5 compiled for the amiga by Jeff Shepherd

It runs on an Amiga 4000/040 25mzh, 18 mb ram, a2065 ethernet, a2091 scsi, 1.2 gb quantum IDE drive, Merlin gfx board, mfc III card.

Apache for the Amiga can be found on Aminet

The folowing information was taken from the .readme file:

Apache is a new web server for the Amiga based on the Apache Group's code.
Features of Apache:
Configurability - the configuration files let you change just about every aspect of the server
Cool ftp directories - Apache associates icons with files when you get a directory listing, each filename will have icons beside them.

AmiTCP 3.x or an AS225 derivative (like CPR or Inet225 or Miami)
Workbench 2+
Ixemul.library 43.1
To get started just use the supplied install script. There is a set of sample html files included to get you started. Html files are be put in apache:htdocs or in user's personal public_html directories.

Online documention for Apache can be found at